Last updated March 15, 2007


I will continually be amazed at the change in my life since I discovered photography. I have learnt to be increasingly inspired by and to love the state I live in and to be inspired by the people who have walked through my life during the last few years. You have all contributed in different ways to the way I feel about photography and life in general. You have guided, cajoled, pushed and thrown me headlong into the world of photography and that experience is ongoing and will be with me for the rest of my life. You know who you are and I can never thank you enough.

My journey leading me to photography was a long one. Only four years ago I picked up my first DSLR after realising the joy of capturing a moment in time in an image taken with a small point and shoot camera. Seeing the look on friends faces when they saw the images I had created was a joy to behold. I knew then that at last I had found my one real passion in life.

I will never, ever learn all there is to learn about photography but my mind will always be open to seek new locations and photographic opportunities, maybe of a different kind that will stretch mine and the viewers imagination.

Each of us sees our world and surroundings in every aspect of our life journey, through different eyes. I personally love nothing better than to capture a moment in time through my lifes journey, in an image that enables the viewer to imagine he or she can see what I see, even if just for a few moments in time.

Let your imagination capture some of the moments I have enjoyed during my travels around Tasmania and New Zealand.

Let your imagination capture the smell of the food from the images I have captured during my outings with family and friends and imagine the places visited, the stunning landscapes I have seen, the different weather I have experienced from warm, sunny days, sunrises and sunsets, to dramatic storms with thunder and lightning. The National Parks I have visited where I will never cease to be amazed at such beautiful scenery that surrounds us.

All this has been captured in images that can be experienced by the viewer, seeing what I see at a moment in time.

Keep looking and follow and enjoy my journey through my photography and you may also find there are many possibilities yet to be discovered.

2012 is going to be a busy year, be an inspiration and personally a year I will remember with fondness because of the memories I will carry with me forever.

Even though some of the images do not have a price on them if you are interested in any of them let me know and I will send you the details.