January 29, 2010


Along with a friend I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph Alan and Sally's wedding on 2nd January 2010.

It was a very bright day with lots of shadows cast by the trees and shrubs around the property at Brickendon, a beautiful historic home in the north of the state of Tasmania near Longford open to the public and an ideal setting for a wedding.

Alan and Sally

I have opened up a gallery to show some of the photos I took on the day and I have included a few shots of Brickendon itself and the old artifacts and a few of the animals around the property. These images are intermingled in with the wedding shots to give an idea of the setting that Brickendon has to offer.

There are a couple of shots taken very much tongue in cheek but I think these are just a delightful way of expressing the lovely relaxed atmosphere at the wedding that Alan and Sally so wanted to achieve. A wedding with lots of love, happiness and laughter around between the couple and their families and friends. I think you will agree they achieved their goal.

I have included a link to Brickendon website for anyone who would like to take a look around and see more of the grounds and learn some of the history of the house and surrounding grounds.

Both Alan and Sally are a delightful couple and I wish them every happiness as husband and wife.