June 8, 2008


I haven't put up a news article for such a long time but that doesn't mean I haven't been out and about taking heaps of new photos. It just means time is very limited what with work commitments and other social things so a news event is always on the agenda but usually time slips by and nothing happens.

Having said that we went to Franklin yesterday starting our trip around 7.30 am.

It soon became clear there had been a heavy frost overnight as there was a lot of white paddocks and a lot of fog still around until about 10.00am when it all lifted and we were treated to a magnificent day.

I took advantage of the frosty conditions and took a few shots of the ice patterns on some of the leaves on blackberry bushes that grow wild on the side of the road down here. My fingers were freezing and a lot of the shots were taken with my camera hand held which for me is usually a sign I can kiss any good images goodbye but I did manage not to ruin a couple of them.

The image displayed here is of a paddock covered in frost and converted to B & W. Not the best I took on the day but it does give the viewer an idea just what the conditions were like at the start of the day.

Franklin - A frosty paddock

There are other images which can be located in the Landscape Gallery and also in The Flora Gallery.

We hope to get back down there again soon as winter is such a great time to take photos and there are many more places in the region that need lots more investigating.