Tulip 1   Tulip 2   Tulip 3   Tulip 4
Tulip 5   Tulip 6   Tulip 7   Tulip 8
Tulip 9   Double Delight   Iris   Wild Orchid
Orchid   Ochid 2   Orchid 2 Centre   Grasshopper
Flower   Flower 3   Protea   Protea
Protea 2   Yellow and White Iris   Gerbera 1   Rose 2
Cactus Flower   Flower 1   Cactus 1   Cactus 2
Cactus 3   Lily   Frosty Leaves   Dogwood Fruit
Macro photography I am passionate about as I like nothing better than to spend time in my garden or at the Hobart Botanical Gardens with my cameras including lights, macro lenses and all the necessary equipment and spending hours taking images of the most beautiful plants and trees. As the seasons change many of these also change into their spectacular colours and so every day a garden produces something different to be photographed.

Imagine the new green leaves of Spring changing to the bright red leaves of Autumn and then the bare branches of trees during winter. This is what nature creates for us and we can enjoy these phases of life of trees and plants by recording a moment in time with a camera. I hope you enjoy these images and more to come soon.