Sealed with a Kiss   Get Off My Patch   I'm so Tired of Looking for Mom   Returning Home
Coming Home for a Sleep   This is My Spot   I'm Just about to Flop on the Beach and Sleep   Baby Sea Lion Calling for Mom
From Here to Eternity   Home at Last   Yawn   Home Safe and Sound
Two Males Head to Head   A Youngster on the Beach   What's This About?   Cape Barren Geese1
Cape Barren Geese2   Cape Barren Geese3   Cape Barren Geese 4   Cape Barren Geese5
Cape Barren Geese6   Cape Barren Geese7   Walking the Line   Remarkable Rocks
Remarkable Rocks   Remarkable Rocks2   Remarkable Rocks   Cape Willoughby Lighthouse
Cape Borda Lighthouse   Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse   Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse2   Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse3
Recently spent a week taking photos of the Australian Sea Lions resident on Kangaroo Island. The beach where they come home to after spending several days out fishing is like a bedroom for them. This makes photography very difficult as more often than not they are asleep but patience paid up in the end. After spending several days observing them and photographing them I have a handful of photos that I hope you will enjoy.
Didn't have much time taking landscape shots but there are a few here to show some of the lighthouses and the unusual rock formations. Also took a few shots of Cape Barren geese.