Hartz Mountains   Rainforest 1   Rainforest 2   Rainforest 3
Rainforest 4   Lake Pedder   Mt Field National Park - Creek at Horseshoe Falls   Koala Bear 2
Fagus   Fagus2   Fagus3   Fagus4
Narawntapu National Park   Windswept Tree - Narawntapu National Park   Narawntapu National Park - Melaleuca   Narawntapu NP
Narawntapu NP   South Cape Bay - Tasmania   Sugar Glider 1   Sugar Glider 2
Koala Bear 1   Tamar River   Wombat Tarn   
During the two years I have been taking photographs I have been lucky enough to visit some of the National Parks in Tasmania. There is nothing better to find yourself away from everything, surrounded by magnificant natural scenery and spending time absorbing it all. The natural rainforests are a place of tranquility where every creek, tree or fern offer the photographer new photo opportunities and are a delight to the eyes. Many of the images seen here were taken later in the day, capturing the wonderful light that is well known in Tasmania. Imagine the scenery and enjoy the images. I have also included a few of the animals photographed while out and about as they are a wonderful addition to our parks and it is a thrill to see them.